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Christ Episcopal Church

19 South Street

Cuba, New York 14739

Christ Episcopal Church Cuba, N.Y.

Christ Episcopal Church

21 South Street

Cuba, New York 14739

To reach the priest, Richard Hamlin:

Worship During This Time

Services in the Church are suspended until further notice


The Office of Morning Prayer, with hymns

9:00 a.m. on Radio Station WRAQ 92.7 FM in Angelica

or access from anywhere at

If you want intercessions included in the prayers at this Service

click here to email them to Fr. Hamlin

If you want a printed copy of this Service mailed to you

so you can follow along with the broadcast

click here

Download a copy of the Sunday Bible

Lessons here

Let's Keep the Community

of our Parish Alive

In addition to our worshiping together, 

we care for one another and others

Our opportunity to stay in touch with each other and to share what's happening with us

go to Facebook Page: 

Christ Church Cuba Coffee Hour Chat

Read the postings.  Include your own postings.  This is our time and place to chat with one another just as we do at Coffee Hour every Sunday

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